Who We Are

Our Story

Jackie Martin is the CEO of A Matter of Motivation Inc., and the founder of BMore Learning™, a life skills educational nonprofit based in Georgia. She brings together years of experience equipping teams, corporate leaders, and business owners all over the world with the communication, leadership, change resiliency, and business skills needed in the workplace.

Having just raised two twenty-somethings of her own, Jackie was tired of hearing parents and business leaders complain about, “kids these days…” so working alongside the local school district, she and her team developed a workforce-readiness workshop for students and young professionals to prepare them for life in the real-world. In these fast-paced workshops and hands-on settings, her team arms both students and parents with the social, communication, and leadership skills to take the next, best steps in business and in life.

Who We Are

BMORE Learning™ is a non-profit organization that aspires to create a world with equipped students, encouraged parents, and a ready workforce that employers can hire with confidence.

What We Do For Students

We provide interactive face-to-face events to learn and practice essential life, social, and workforce skills. Our customized events prepare high school, college students, young professionals, and the parents who support them, for real-life scenarios encountered in home and work life.

What We Accomplish

Parents of teenagers are afraid their children won’t be able to stand on their own two feet. We provide life, social, and readiness-skills education for students. At the same time, our program gives encouragement and peace of mind to parents so that everyone can enjoy the journey to independence.

We Aspire to Live In A World Where…

•Students enter college or the workforce with knowledge, confidence, and eagerness to learn. This transition to adulthood is an exciting and fulfilling experience.

•Parents are full of confidence, pride, and excitement as their students become independent, contributing adults in their community.

•Business leaders are thrilled to welcome emerging professionals into their workplace who are confident, competent, and ready to learn.

•Young employees are fully equipped with the social, emotional, and communication skills that prepare them to do the jobs they are hired to do.

Board of Directors

Christine M. Roberts

Board Chairman

Lisa Parrish


Chris Colson

Derek Brooks

Hugh Scott

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James Dunn

Trish Kellogg

Chris Braun


Clay Rowell

Ken Crowe

Board Chair Elect

Joe Bieser


Jackie Martin

Leah Martin

Jennifer Gross